What We Do

Mission EmployAble is a UK registered charity which supports people with learning disabilities to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives

Mission Statement

We believe in people with learning disabilities leading fulfilling and rewarding lives by:

  • reaching their full potential
  • being afforded opportunities to train and to be employed
  • being valued in the workplace
  • playing an active role in their local community

Our Ambition

  • Mission EmployAble is currently working with local authorities and businesses in the counties of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.
  • Our ambition is to establish a new café and training facility for adults with learning disabilities in the local Three Rivers District area.
  • In close partnership with the Chorleywood Cricket Club (CCC), Mission EmployAble is now fundraising to build a new cricket pavilion on the existing pavilion site on Chorleywood Common.
  • Mission EmployAble and Chorleywood Cricket Club recognise that Chorleywood Common is a County Heritage site and a Conservation Area and aspire to build a new pavilion that is designed to enhance the local area and people’s experience of the Common.
  • Mission EmployAble and Chorleywood Cricket Club are committed to working in partnership with the local community including businesses and organisations that have an interest in or connection to Chorleywood Common and the surrounding area.