Mission EmployAble - Helping people with learning disabilities reach their full potential

  • Do you have an EHCP?
  • Can you travel independently
    (by bus, train or SEND taxi from Herts, Bucks and beyond)?
  • Will you be 19-25 years old in September 2022?
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If your answer is yes to all these questions and you are available from 6th September 2022 to start employment training, please register your interest: We will be back in touch with you to have a chat.

Mission EmployAble is determined to help young people with learning disabilities to lead fulfilled lives and we believe that supporting them to find paid employment is a crucial part of that mission.

Our vision is to give our interns every opportunity to gain the independence and self-confidence from their training that will help them find paid work afterwards – and to feel valued in their communities.

We have close links with the Buckinghamshire College Group, whose training programmes are specially created to match the needs of each intern and their role at work.

Throughout their work experience our interns will receive personalised support from our Training Manager, Cass Langham, who will help them with on-the-job training and with Maths, English , Independence and Employability Classes, as well as with specific skills for their jobs.

And if our interns need support for their mental health, job-coaching or advice on what to do next, we have excellent connections with a range of support services.

But it’s not all about work! Our interns will be encouraged to build positive relationships with their colleagues through team-building activities and events.

Mission EmployAble is committed to helping our interns find paid employment

* Our interns can turn 19 within the internship year 1st Sept 2022 - 1st September 2023 but must not turn 26 within that period.

Training Locations

Beaumont House
For our 2021/22 intake of interns, the main training base will be Beaumont House, an elegant care home for elderly residents in Chorleywood, which is as committed as we are to offering our interns a wide variety of work experiences, including:

• Food and drink preparation
• Serving food and drink
• Customer service
• Storage, ordering and deliveries
• Cleaning
• Garden maintenance
• Preparation of group activities
• Office and library organisation
• Workplace Health and Safety checks

The Junction
Just across the road from Beaumont House, we will also be using The Junction community centre (within Christ Church) for classes. They are gaining experience in hospitality here in our new Pop Up Cafe run by the Interns themselves and Mission EmployAble Training Team. It is open Tuesday & Wednesday 8.30am - 10.30am and 2.30pm - 4.30pm, we would love to see you.

Training Café at the Pavilion
Mission EmployAble is planning a beautiful café within Chorleywood Cricket Club’s new pavilion on Chorleywood Common, where our interns will be trained to prepare delicious home-made food in a purpose-built kitchen and will help in the café itself. The café, which will be open seven days per week to walkers, families and cricket fans, will also provide on-going funding for Mission EmployAble.

Photos courtesy of Simon Varnals

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Cassandra Langham
Mission EmployAble Training Manager

Katharine Weston
Mission EmployAble Chair