Building Project

A computer generated image of the new pavilion and café designed by Jane Duncans Architects Ltd.

View from the Pavilion Balcony

Updated: 19th January 2024

Final Innings For Our Builders

Updated: 4th November 2022

At Mission EmployAble and the Cricket Club, we are as excited as you are by the final construction stages of our pavilion, which already looks stunning against its backdrop of trees on the Common.

Weather permitting, we hope to open our doors later this year.

Until then, Boom Construction have a few final tasks to complete:-
• Remove scaffolding poles
• Final internal fittings
• Finishing touches to the exterior
• Connect gas and water

We can hardly wait to welcome our friends, supporters and everyone in the community to the new clubhouse and café.

Shirlie & Martin Kemp visit the new Pavilion

Posted: 11th August 2022

Delighted to see Shirlie & Martin Kemp, Ambassadors for Mission EmployAble taking some time out with the dogs to come and see the new Pavilion. The Café on the Common will be a dog friendly café and we hope to see them all again soon as we get nearer and nearer to opening time.

It's Taking Shape ...

Posted: 8th July 2022

Glorious weather, cricket and the building work is continuing at pace. We are all looking forwarding to getting access to the Pavilion in the not-too-distance future with the internal work really taking shape.

Boom continues to work collaboratively with the whole project team, with a target completion date of mid September.

What has been happening?

  • Roof completed
  • External timber cladding is underway
  • Windows and external doors substantially completed
  • Plasterboard and plastering nearly finished. The paintwork is about to commence
  • First fix plumbing and electrics completed with the second fix underway
  • Kitchen, servery and bar are now being made along with the rest of the equipment on order
  • Incoming services connections are due in next few weeks

Photos courtesy of Simon Varnals.

Countdown To Completion

Posted: 26th May 2022

Everyone at Mission EmployAble is as delighted as the Cricket Club to see that Senior and Colts matches have started on the Common, with the players able to see at a glance how the new pavilion is taking shape – surely a great motivator for sporting success!

Weather conditions continue to be favourable and, with Boom’s hard work, construction is on schedule, with important milestones already reached and completion due in the autumn.

What Happens Next

  • Floor screeding has commenced and first fixing of plumbing and electrics are well advanced
  • Roof coverings are almost complete
  • Dark timber cladding on external facades starts soon
  • Rooflights are in
  • External door and window frames are being installed and glazing has commenced

Work On New Building Progressing Well

Updated: 6th April 2022

Front view: Cricket Club

Rear view: Mission EmployAble's Café

Work on the Cricket Club pavilion and Mission EmployAble café continues apace and users of the A404 and Common will know how quickly Boom builders have progressed since work began in November.

  • Timber roof trusses: now in place
  • Remaining roof structure: due for completion by Easter
  • Felt and battens (weather protection): due for completion in late April/early May
  • First fix plumbing: to take place when felt and battens are in place
  • Timber wall cladding, roof tiling, screed and plastering: to begin from early/mid May
  • Windows and doors: installation due end June

Everyone at the Cricket Club is looking forward to start the season in April and to the opening of the new building in late autumn.

The Cricket Club and Mission EmployAble have already raised £2m and are holding several events to help reach their target of £2.15m:-

  • Weekend Bluebell Walk and Pop-Up Woodland Café - 23rd and 24th April
  • Music Quiz – July 22
  • Cider Fest (with Community Orchard and Cider Club) – August Bank Holiday weekend
  • Comedy Night
  • Golf Day
  • Exploring the idea of a Legacy Wall to be created on the building, for donor plaques

Photos courtesy of Simon Varnals.

Posted: 2nd February 2022

The brick and block work as promised has started

Posted: 24th January 2022

Update on building works from Rick Harragin of Chorleywood Cricket Club

Posted: 17th December 2021

“The Cricket Club and Mission EmployAble are delighted that favourable weather conditions meant that the concrete ground slab for the new building was laid during the first week of December, bang on schedule.

“Since then, drainage and other groundwork has been completed. Just in case you were wondering, the huge mound of earth next to the site huts has been retained from the excavations and will be used to make up ground levels around the building at the end of the project.

“The site will be closed during the traditional construction industry shutdown between 22nd December and 4th January 2022, but before that, we expect delivery of steel, bricks and blocks, so that Boom can start building the perimeter and internal walls in the New Year.

“Here's hoping for continued clement weather - for the next nine months anyway!"

Not quite the MCC but it is great to see the concrete is in!

Posted: 30th November 2021

Photos courtesy of Simon Varnals.

Piling time down at the Cricket Club

Posted: 11th November 2021

Batting collapse!

Posted: 2nd November 2021

A significant milestone reached for the New Cricket Club Pavilion.

Posted: 15th October 2021

A computer generated image of the new pavilion and café designed by Jane Duncans Architects Ltd.

THERE is great excitement in Chorleywood that work is starting on the Cricket Club’s new pavilion on the Common from the 25th October 2021. The original 1960’s building, which is in bad repair, will be demolished in early November.

The new pavilion will enable the Cricket Club to grow and to extend opportunities to play cricket to girls, women and people with disabilities. It will also house a café run by the new charity Mission EmployAble, which, in conjunction with Buckinghamshire College Group, will train young people with learning disabilities, via supported internships.

The café will be open every day to all comers, serving delicious home-made food including snacks, light lunches and afternoon teas, all with magnificent views of the Common.

The project is the culmination of many months of planning and hard work by the Cricket Club, Mission EmployAble and Chorleywood Parish Council, all of whom wanted to create a special place that can be enjoyed by everyone in Chorleywood.

When the founder of Mission EmployAble met the Cricket Club in 2019, they found they had ‘a perfect fit’ and a joint scheme was launched to raise £2m. We are all aware that building costs have increased and therefore our target has had to be increased to £2.15m, of which £1.9m has been raised already.

A statement issued by the Cricket Club and Mission EmployAble says: “We are delighted that contractors are about to start on the new building, which will be a huge asset to cricketers and the community, as well as enriching the lives of young people with a learning disability.

We will work hard to protect the Common during the building works and minimise inconvenience to residents. We really do appreciate your patience while the car park is closed during the build.”

Debbie Rosario, Chair of the Parish Council, says “After several years of discussion we are excited that the rebuilding of the Cricket Pavilion and subsequent provision of the charity's cafe can finally go ahead. We look forward to a long and happy partnership with Chorleywood Cricket Club and Mission EmployAble”

The site will be protected by the contractor Boom Construction Ltd from day one by secure and newt fencing as recommended by the ecologist, and parking and welfare facilities for the contractor will be provided on-site.

The new building is due for completion in autumn 2022.

“Having lived on and around Chorleywood Common for nearly 30 years, it is great to see the old cricket pavilion being rebuilt and put to such good use by the Cricket Club and Mission EmployAble. It will provide a wonderful café for visitors to the Common and employment training for young people with learning disabilities.

It is a win-win situation for all and I am delighted to be able to support this great initiative and congratulate all those involved. I look forward to my morning coffee in the pavilion.” says Robert Voss CBE CStJ HM Lord-Lieutenant of Hertfordshire.

Katharine Weston Chair Mission EmployAble, Debbie Rosario Chair of Parish Council and Steve Dunning Chair of CW Cricket Club. Photo courtesy of Andrew Bungard.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Bungard.

Cricket pavilion / cafe building work to start soon!

Posted: 20th August 2021

A computer generated image of the new pavilion and café designed by Jane Duncans Architects Ltd.

The Chorleywood Cricket Club and the local charity Mission EmployAble are pleased that the Parish Council has again publicly committed to supporting the new pavilion and cafe on Chorleywood Common.

We await a decision by the Parish Council to allow the building works to proceed having completed all the necessary paperwork.

We would like to thank the community for the tremendous support that has been received to date and the participation by many local people in the range of fund ranging events that have been held.

We now look forward to the new cricket pavilion being built in the very near future.