Building Project

Cricket pavilion / cafe building work to start soon!

Posted: 20th August 2021

A computer generated image of the new pavilion and café designed by Jane Duncans Architects Ltd.

The Chorleywood Cricket Club and the local charity Mission EmployAble are pleased that the Parish Council has again publicly committed to supporting the new pavilion and cafe on Chorleywood Common.

We await a decision by the Parish Council to allow the building works to proceed having completed all the necessary paperwork.

We would like to thank the community for the tremendous support that has been received to date and the participation by many local people in the range of fund ranging events that have been held.

We now look forward to the new cricket pavilion being built in the very near future.

Big Day For Cricket Club And Mission EmployAble Charity

Posted: 18th February 2021

THERE is great excitement in Chorleywood that work is starting on the Cricket Club’s new pavilion on the Common.

The original 1960s building, which is in bad repair, will be demolished during March. The new pavilion will enable the Cricket Club to grow and to extend opportunities to play cricket to girls, women and people with disabilities.

It will also house a café run by the new charity Mission EmployAble, which, in conjunction with Bucks College, will train young adults with learning disabilities, via supported internships.

The café will be open every day to all comers, serving delicious home-made food for snacks, light lunches and afternoon teas, all with magnificent views of the Common.

The café will also have a small gift shop.

The project is the culmination of months of planning and hard work by the Cricket Club and the charity, both of whom wanted to create a special place that can be enjoyed by everyone in Chorleywood.

When the founder of Mission EmployAble met the Cricket Club in 2019, they found they had ‘a perfect fit’ and a joint scheme was launched to raise £2m, £1.7m of which has been raised already.

A statement issued by the Cricket Club and Mission EmployAble said: “We are delighted that contractors are starting on the new building, which will be a huge asset to cricketers and the community, as well as enriching the lives of young people with a learning disability.

“We will work hard to protect the Common during the building works and minimise inconvenience to residents.“

The site will be protected by the contractor Boom Construction Ltd from day one by secure and newt fencing as recommended by the ecologist, and parking and welfare facilities for the contractor will be provided on-site.

The new building is due for completion in late 2021/early 2022.