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Fulfilled lives for people with learning disabilities

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A brand new cricket pavilion, cafe & training facility

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Our Vision

Our vision is ‘fulfilled lives for people with learning disabilities’. We believe in people with learning difficulties leading fulfilled lives by reaching their full potential, being afforded opportunities to train and be employed, being valued in the workplace and playing an active role in their local community.

Mission EmployAble is a social enterprise charity working in partnership with The Chorleywood Cricket Club, located on Chorleywood Common. The shared ambition of Mission EmployAble and the Chorleywood Cricket Club is to build a new cricket pavilion on the existing site which will also house a new Mission EmployAble cafe / tea room and training centre staffed by people with learning disabilities and run for the benefit of cricketers and the local community.


Cafe/Tea Room

Partnering with the Chorleywood Cricket Club (CCC), Mission EmployAble is now fund raising to build a new cricket pavilion on the existing pavilion site which, subject to planning and appropriate approval, will also house a new Mission EmployAble café and training centre staffed by people with learning disabilities, that will be run by Mission EmployAble for the benefit of cricketers and the local community.

The café will be staffed by people with learning disabilities who will be taught catering skills, front-of-house and general work skills, to assist preparation for work.

We invite local businesses to engage with us so that they can see for themselves what our future candidates are capable of doing and what benefits they could bring to their businesses and to the local community.



Our new Café will provide a bespoke and supported employment scheme for young adults with learning disabilities. Each candidate will complete a Learning, Employment and Progression Diploma in affiliation with a local College.

Candidates will cover core units such as Communicating Effectively with Customers, Food and Hygiene Safety and Creating a Tailored CV. Bespoke units include Crossing Roads for Pedestrians and Using Money for Shopping. These units will be delivered alongside in-house work placements at our Café.

The in-house work placements will provide a perfect opportunity for candidates to learn new skills in a real work environment. They will also allow candidates to build their confidence in a safe work environment, where making mistakes is seen as a valuable part of the learning process. This part of the work programme will be underpinned by the systematic instruction process.



Chorleywood Cricket Pavilion Plans are Approved

29th February 2020

We are delighted that at last night's Three Rivers District Council Planning meeting we received unanimous approval for our plans for a new pavilion. We would like to thank everyone who filled the public gallery again as this helped to remind the councillors that this application has a lot of support.

The months of unstinting support from our Parish Council, local councillors, local community groups such as: Chorleywood Residents Association, Friends of Chorleywood Common, the church and all those who wrote in to support the application, were crucial to gaining approval. On behalf of Chorleywood Cricket Club and Mission EmployAble, we would extend our thanks and warm appreciation for all the support we have received from these groups and wider local community.

We have much work to do with getting further approvals, finalising the building plans and raising the funds to pay for the new pavilion but gaining planning permission is a major step forward.

We will keep you updated about our progress and we have many fundraising activities planned that we would be delighted if you were able to join.

Katharine Weston
Chair, Mission EmployAble

Steve Dunning
Chair, Chorleywood CC

Three Rivers District Council discusses planning proposal for new pavilion and cafe

24th January 2020

Mission EmployAble and Chorleywood Cricket Club (CWCC) attended the planning meeting at Three Rivers District Council last evening.

Although the planning decision for the proposed re-building of the cricket pavilion on Chorleywood Common was deferred, it appeared to us that there was broad support for the proposal. There were concerns to ensure that there was no future potential for a purely commercial venture on the site and a possible solution to this problem was proposed at the meeting. If this proposed solution does address the concerns raised then a favourable outcome could be likely. We hope that his will be resolved at the February meeting.

During the meeting, the Chair stated that there was clear and widespread support in the community for the application and this undoubtedly contributed to the Councillors trying to find solutions to their concerns.

ME and CWCC would like to thank everyone for their continued support for the project and a special thank you to all those who demonstrated this support last night by filling the public gallery.

Katharine Weston
Chair, Mission EmployAble

Steve Dunning
Chair, Chorleywood CC

Exciting plans for a new cricket pavilion, cafe / tea room and community hub in Chorleywood

13th November 2019

The local charity Mission EmployAble and Chorleywood Cricket Club (CCC) have now submitted plans to Three Rivers District Council to build a stunning new cricket pavilion, cafe/tea room and training facility for young adults with learning disabilities.

The existing Chorleywood Cricket Club …

The exciting new design proposal for Chorleywood Cricket Club ...

Click here for full plans via Three Rivers Planning

If approved by the Three Rivers District Planning Committee, Parish Council and DEFRA, the Chorleywood Cricket Club would be supported by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to extend its provision to provide cricket facilities for all, including women and the disabled ...

provide a new community hub and café / tea room staffed by learning disabled adults ...

And provide benefit to parents with children, dog walkers, runners, horse riders, older people, cyclists and ramblers ...

The new facility would also support volunteering and promote social inclusion, resilience and understanding.

Mission EmployAble and CCC hope to have built the new pavilion by April 2021 with a view to it opening for the May 2021 cricket season. They are seeking the support of the community to make this ambition a reality and help raise the necessary funds.

For information about Chorleywood Cricket Club, go to: http://www.cwcricket.org/cgi-bin/main.pl

Chorleywood Village Day

13th July 2019

Volunteers from Mission EmployAble were out and about on Chorleywood Village Day staffing a joint stand and gazebo with the Chorleywood Cricket Club (CCC). They shared with the community the vision of a joint initiative to design and build a new cricket pavilion and cafe on The Common, offering employment and training opportunities for young learning disabled adults. Visitors to the stand were asked whether they supported the idea and whether they would like to be involved in any way. People were also asked to choose their favourite name for the cafe, with the most popular name being ‘Cafe on the Common’. Youngsters were asked to hit the bails off the stumps to win prizes. Some showed more skill than others but all the prizes had gone by the end of the day! It was a day of listening to the community to ensure that the vision of Mission EmployAble and CCC was the right one. The volunteers were greatly encouraged by the response which was overwhelmingly positive and encouraging.

Press Release

Issued on 7th February 2018

Chorleywood Cricket Club announces link up with Mission EmployAble to provide a new club house and community learning café.

Breaking for tea has never seemed so appealing…

Chorleywood Cricket Club has opened discussions with the Parish Council about ambitious new plans to link up with a new local charity, Mission EmployAble, to develop a new club house and community learning café. The club has recently secured planning permission for a major refurbishment and extension of the outdated clubhouse.

Steve Dunning, club Chair points out “This link up provides an excellent opportunity to provide a purpose-built, pavilion style facility that supports the development of the cricket club and also benefits the entire community”.



“Our vision is to train people with learning disabilities, to employ some and help others find work so that they can lead fulfilled lives working in and contributing to their local community.” said Katharine Weston, Chair, Mission EmployAble.

The proposed 30 seat community café would be open 7 days a week throughout the year, operated by Mission EmployAble. On week days the café will be staffed by trainees with learning difficulties supported by a dedicated training team. Visitors can expect a welcoming atmosphere, fantastic local produce and coffee and the most engaging service possible.

The concept is at a very early stage and an essential first part of the process is to engage with, and enlist the support of, the local community. This is the first of a number of planned communications over the coming months.