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Fulfilled lives for people with learning disabilities

Our Ambition

A brand new cricket pavilion, cafe & training facility

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Fundraising Update

The Trustees and fund-raising committee of Mission EmployAble express their heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported the charity’s fund raising which was launched last summer.

In a remarkably short time, countless individuals, businesses and groups have been extremely generous with their time, money and talents in the campaign that has already raised £1.5m (out of a target of £2m) for the new pavilion; and plenty more have made financial pledges or promised help with forthcoming fund-raising events.

Thanks to the many written submissions in support of the new pavilion, Defra (the Department for environment, food and rural affairs) has given its unreserved permission for the building - which is exceptional for a structure on Common land.

Of course, we still have some way to go – and unfortunately, we had to postpone many events during lockdown - but we know we can continue to count on the fantastic support of the whole community in this unique and worthwhile project.

When life gets back to normal, we will be putting on a variety of fund-raising events to suit all ages, tastes and budgets, so please continue to look out for details.

Our Vision

Our vision is ‘fulfilled lives for people with learning disabilities’. We believe in people with learning difficulties leading fulfilled lives by reaching their full potential, being afforded opportunities to train and be employed, being valued in the workplace and playing an active role in their local community.

Mission EmployAble is a social enterprise charity working in partnership with The Chorleywood Cricket Club, located on Chorleywood Common. The shared ambition of Mission EmployAble and the Chorleywood Cricket Club is to build a new cricket pavilion on the existing site which will also house a new Mission EmployAble cafe / tea room and training centre staffed by people with learning disabilities and run for the benefit of cricketers and the local community.


Cafe/Tea Room

Partnering with the Chorleywood Cricket Club (CCC), Mission EmployAble is now fund raising to build a new cricket pavilion on the existing pavilion site which, subject to planning and appropriate approval, will also house a new Mission EmployAble café and training centre staffed by people with learning disabilities, that will be run by Mission EmployAble for the benefit of cricketers and the local community.

The café will be staffed by people with learning disabilities who will be taught catering skills, front-of-house and general work skills, to assist preparation for work.

We invite local businesses to engage with us so that they can see for themselves what our future candidates are capable of doing and what benefits they could bring to their businesses and to the local community.



Our new Café will provide a bespoke and supported employment scheme for young adults with learning disabilities. Each candidate will complete a Learning, Employment and Progression Diploma in affiliation with a local College.

Candidates will cover core units such as Communicating Effectively with Customers, Food and Hygiene Safety and Creating a Tailored CV. Bespoke units include Crossing Roads for Pedestrians and Using Money for Shopping. These units will be delivered alongside in-house work placements at our Café.

The in-house work placements will provide a perfect opportunity for candidates to learn new skills in a real work environment. They will also allow candidates to build their confidence in a safe work environment, where making mistakes is seen as a valuable part of the learning process. This part of the work programme will be underpinned by the systematic instruction process.



Mission WoofAble Virtual Dog Show

Only -9 days left!

Posted: 16th November 2020

Lending a paw to support your local charity Mission EmployAble and The Chorleywood Cricket Club Pavilion Fund.

Do you think your dog is furbulous, well here is their time to shine. Enter our Virtual Dog Show to show off your dog(s) and be in with a chance of winning a fantastic hamper for Best in Show along with other great prizes for being 1st place in your Class.

Here is a little example of some of the gorgeous pictures on our gallery;


Closing Date: 20th November
Prizes: 1st in class, Best in Show and the Judges Choice.
Judges: Shirlie Kemp & Jo Day

Good luck, we can’t wait to see all your lovely furbulous fur babies.

Official Page

Photo courtesy of jo@jodayphotography.co.uk

3 down, 1 to go - Brent's Grand Slam - South Downs Way

Updated: 10th November 2020

Brent’s last 100 Ultra Marathon is going ahead, but he has to stay local. He will pull out all of the stops starting on Saturday 7th November at 11am from Chorleywood, finishing at the Chorleywood Cricket Club at 11am Sunday 8th November, to do what he promised and run 100 miles in under 24 hours. If you see him in and around the village please give him a shout out, or better still take a shot of Brent and upload it on to or .

Brent at the finish line after Autumn 100 on the 10/10/20

Autumn 100 completed 10th October, in 25 hrs

When the Ultra was cancelled, Brent covered the required 100 miles in 24 hours by running around Chorleywood and the surrounding villages, spurred on by socially-distanced shout-outs from individuals along the way. Along with his running crew who pushed him tirelessly throughout the day and night and kept us updated with pictures, videos and lap times. (Great for his family who were glued to the What'sApp group over in New Zealand.) Without a doubt the best part of the run was being with his son Luke, 15, who ran alongside him for the last 11 miles.

On his return to Chorleywood Common in 23 hours and 41 minutes, Brent said that he completed the marathon in order to keep his promise to the charity. Chorleywood Common where locals were out with their families enjoying the sunshine just erupted into to applause when the two of them came racing towards the Cricket Club out of the woods. Brent said “It was an overwhelming finish. I really wasn’t expecting anybody to be there and when I came over the hill I was very surprised.I want to thank everyone for their fantastic support of a wonderful cause.I am especially proud of Luke who gave me such motivation at the end.”

Brent has raised a staggering £10,810 for us here at Mission EmployAble. The last £2080 came in throughout his run on the 7/8th from many local families who crossed paths with him over those 24 hours.We have not heard the last of Brent and his determination to make a difference - watch this space.

"Amazing. What a wonderful achievement and huge thanks for such a massive fundraising effort and support” Katharine Weston: Founder of Mission EmployAble

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Donor Comments:

We thought you would like to see just a few of their comments when they donated.

"Wow great effort, I had no idea when we randomly bumped into you yesterday, we’ll done."

"Well done great cause, looking forward to supporting the cafe when it opens!"

"Saw you out running yesterday and heard what you were doing on Twitter - WOW!!!"

"I don't know you but lots of people I know saw you including my daughter who said you were very fast! Amazing achievement for such a worthy cause."

"Amazing effort mate, I saw you out there and you were making it look fun (!)"

"Awesome Crazy challenges mate, good luck and enjoy! Great charity to support"

"Great job.Beyond impressive....well done."

"Good luck with the final 100 miles!!"

"Brent Thank you for raising much-needed money for the ME/CWCC project"

"Good luck with the ultra marathons. Incredible effort for such a positive cause"

"Impressive achievement - fabulous cause!"

"We saw you in Chenies. In awe."

Photo courtesy of jo@jodayphotography.co.uk

The Coastbusters Epic Cycle Challenge

Updated: 10th November 2020

Tony Bendall, Gary Waller & Robert Finney

Chorleywood to Padstow in aid of Mission EmployAble and the CWCC Pavilion Fund

**STOP PRESS** Lockdown has prevented us departing today (2nd November), because we wouldn't complete our cycle until after national lockdown starts on Thursday 5th (and has disrupted our logistics for the return home). Instead we are planning an equivalent ride on 24th-27th May 2021.

The money you have donated is going to this amazing charity and we can not thank you enough for supporting the team who will complete this Epic Challenge.

Date: 24th - 27th May 2021
Distance: 452km over 4 days
Route: Chorleywood - Stonehenge - Taunton - Okehampton - Padstow

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Team Coastbusters are a group of friends who really enjoy cycling. They used to love Football, Rugby & Basketball but those days are distant memories. But they like to cycle, keep fit and enjoy the challenges of long distance bike rides as well as raising money for good causes. So on 2nd November they're off on a 452km (283 mile), 4-day cycle to Padstow in Cornwall, in aid of Mission EmployAble and the Chorleywood Cricket Club Pavilion Fund.

Mission EmployAble aims to train people with learning difficulties, to employ some and help others find work so that they can lead fulfilled lives working and contributing to their local community. It needs a venue for a 30 cover cafe / tea Room with a gift shop to provide training opportunities for over 20 trainees per week. So ME and CWCC are now working together to build a brand new pavilion with combined facilities (cricket pavilion / cafe / tea room / training facility) on Chorleywood Common.

So who's actually cycling to Padstow?

Tony Bendall's a veteran of 15 London To Brighton bike rides, several trips from Chorleywood to Brixham, Bristol and Padstow. Out most weekends cycling in and around Herts & Bucks covering about 4000 miles a year on one of his many bikes. Strava and Garmin are his top 2 gadgets!

Gary Waller - "I’m fairly old hand to cycling, I love it, especially long distances. I have completed some big bike rides in the past, like Coast to Coast. I know that I’ll be looking forward to crossing the finishing line, although the laughs with the team during the ride are always great. However, I’m not looking forward to cycling up any hills that are planned en route.”

Robert Finney's cycling career began with a touring bike ride through Burgundy. Many wine regions later, Robert started long distance cycling in Blighty (only 4 London-Brighton's so far) - most recently leading a group of ten round the Isle of Mull in his native Scotland. If Tony’s the ideas man, Robert’s the planner, ensuring the trio finds a picturesque route away from the trunk and other A-roads which Tony so loves!

If you have a great idea like Tony, Gary and Robert's and have a fundraiser challenge in mind, please get in touch we would love to hear from you: erica@missionemployable.co.uk.

Blooming Marvellous Winners - Mission EmployAble Virtual Flower Show

Posted: 1st October 2020

Lockdown failed to dampen the enthusiasm or compromise the creative talents of those who entered Chorleywood’s first ‘virtual’ flower show, namely Mission DiggAble, organised this year by the new charity Mission EmployAble in conjunction with the horticultural societies of Chorleywood and Heronsgate.

The charity, which is raising money for a training café for young adults with learning disabilities, decided that with so many flower shows being cancelled locally and nationally, green-fingered residents should be encouraged to ‘have a go,’ with fabulously colourful results.

Mission EmployAble hosted Mission DiggAble on its website and awarded prizes in eight categories: tallest sunflower, best vegetable, best painting, best flower arrangement, best hanging basket or container, best upcycle, kids’ corner and best in show.

Founder and chair of Mission EmployAble, Katharine Weston thanked all the local businesses who donated prizes.

She said: “Like so many charities, our fund-raising activities have been put on hold this year, but we wanted to keep our name in the public eye.

“DiggAble was a wonderful opportunity and it proved to be great fun for all the participants.”

The winning entries were:

Alison & Harry Lowe

Category: Best Container or Basket
Prize: Hanging basket donated by Mansi Florist

James Langford

Category: Best Vegetable
Prize: ‘Grow food for free’ book, donated by Anonymous Donor
(Please contact erica@missionemployable.co.uk to receive your prize)

Poppy Davis

Category: Kids’ Corner
Prize: Voucher donated by Chorleywood and Gerrards Cross bookshops

Tim Venner

Category: Tallest Sunflower
Prize: Voucher donated by HeatTech, Chorleywood

Jane Herman

Category: Best Painting
Prize: Planter donated by Rowan Garden Centre, Chalfont St Giles

Heather Morley

Category: Best Flower Arrangement
Prize: Hanging basket donated by Anonymous Donor

Beaumont Care Home

Category: Best Upcycle
Prize: Planter donated by MK Gardening

Beaumont Care Home

Category: Best in Show
Prize: Jeroboam of rosé wine, donated by Heronsmere Homecare

For further information, to donate to Mission EmployAble and to see the full gallery of Mission DiggAble entries, visit the Mission DiggAble Official Page

Photos courtesy of jo@jodayphotography.co.uk

Chorleywood Magazine 2020 Scarecrow Trail in Aid of Mission EmployAble

Posted: 29th September 2020

Theme: The 2020 Scarecrow
Create a scarecrow to mark this landmark year. It could be somebody or something you appreciate more than ever from key workers to your next-door neighbour or a straw version of the person you’ve unexpectedly become – a home worker, cake baker, keen gardener, Zoom regular or Quiz champ. The character could even represent what you’ve missed over the last six months from a family wedding to a festival or gig. Just add a few props to set the scene!

Register Your Scarecrow
tickets.mp/scarecrows (£6.50)

Closing Date for Registration
Wednesday 30th September at midnight.

What Happens Next?
Towards the end of this week you will receive an email asking for the name and location (including post code) of your scarecrow plus a brief quote, story or poem giving the reason for your scarecrow choice. A few days prior to the Trail weekend you will be sent your Scarecrow Trail number to attach to your scarecrow.

Scarecrow Setup
Set up your scarefcrow by 11am on Friday 9 October. Be sure your scarecrow is in a spot where it can be viewed throughout the weekend.

Following the Trail
The Scarecrow Trail list and voting form will be online this year. The link will be on our website and facebook page and will go live just prior to the Trail weekend

Contact Information
Please send all Scarecrow Trail communication to this email address: info@chorleywoodmagazine.co.uk

Brent's Going for the Grand Slam!

Updated: 21st September 2020

Local Chorleywooder, Brent, will be running four 100-mile ULTRA Marathons in 4 months in aid of Mission EmployAble
Dates: 8th August - 7th November 2020
Autumn 100: 10th October 2020
Please join Brent in his unique and challenging way of raising funds for Mission EmployAble.

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Brent is among the remaining 20 to complete the Centurion Running Grand Slam of 100s

The Grand Slam of 100s award is recognition for those who complete all 4 Centurion 100 mile events within a calendar year:
  • Thames Path 100
  • South Downs Way 100
  • North Downs Way 100
  • Autumn 100 (originally the Winter 100)
The Autumn 100 is a 100 mile continuous trail race based in the twinned villages of Goring & Streatley on the river Thames. The course reflects the shape of a cross and takes runners on a series of 4 different 25 mile out and back spurs using sections of both the Ridgeway and Thames Path National Trails.

I have been asked, what makes me want to run four 100-mile races in 4 months to raise money for Mission EmployAble.

There’s nothing special about it - I’m just a guy who likes to run a lot. But what is more amazing is all the time and dedication that all the volunteers from Mission EmployAble are giving towards creating a truly fantastic future for so many young people with learning difficulties - bricks and mortar that will last for generations to come to ensure that everyone, no matter what their abilities, will have a chance to get trained and find employment. The entire community will also benefit from a fantastic new cricket pavilion and a place to meet on the Common for a coffee and some food.

Running 400 miles is easier to imagine if you break it up into manageable bite size chunks in your head. Each of the races are 100 miles, which must be completed before the cut off time of between 27 to 30 hours. Each race has around 13 feed stations. This means that I just have to think about 7 and a bit miles to the next checkpoint. So when the chaff under my arms is so painful that I have to run with one arm in the air for relief, or my feet are so wet and blistered that it feels as though the soles of my feet are sliding off, or my quadriceps are so ruined that I have to walk up the hills backwards, I just think about getting through the next 7 miles to the feed station, take a drink and some fruit, reset and carry on.

Incentives for donating to Mission EmployAble:
  • The person who donates the highest amount will get to choose my outfit to run in next January's Country to Capital race that runs through Chorleywood. This is the middle of winter and it is 43 miles, so a mankini is not that practical! 😊
  • The 4 people who donate the most, will get a finishers t-shirt for one of the races.
  • For every £2000 raised, I will run a marathon on consecutive days to a maximum of 14 days (As I do have a job and a family). So if I raise £28,000 I will run 14 marathons in 14 days.

To follow the progress you can either follow me on Strava under the name of Burt Bang or at Centurionrunning.com for live updates of all the races.

Brent Mullane
Running for Mission EmployAble

Photo courtesy of jo@jodayphotography.co.uk

My Mission

Choose a Mission - Walking, Running or Cycling
Beginner: £5.00
Intermediate: £10
Ultra: £15.00

With the easing of lockdown Mission Employable have been delighted to be able to launch their own My Mission for our local foot-ninjas and pedal crunchers looking for a personal fitness challenge.

Rediscovering the joys of walking, running and cycling within our beautiful village has encouraged us all to work on our own fitness. Sunny weather, quieter roads and the need to get out and breathe in the better air has also been essential to help lower stress, reduce feelings of isolation and help ease anxiety and depression.

Your one-off donation per category (£5 for a Beginner entry, £10 for an Intermediate entry and £15 for an Ultra entry) enables you to enter your progress into your chosen leaderboard and update it as many times as you like, with all proceeds going to Mission EmployAble.

Mission Diggable Virtual Flower Show

Posted: 5th June 2020

Mission EmployAble, together with the horticultural societies of Chorleywood, Rickmansworth, Heronsgate and Loudwater, are calling on green-fingered residents of all ages and from the surrounding villages to take part in Mission DiggAble, a virtual flower show, to raise money for a training café staffed by young people with learning disabilities that will be housed within Chorleywood Cricket Club’s new pavilion on Chorleywood Common.

When you feel the time is ripe, simply upload your photographs of your fruit & veg and plant/s for assessment by the judges, using the submission form below. You may enter as many categories as you wish and as many times as you like. Entries are open from Monday 8th June 2020, with the deadline for photo submissions being Monday 31st August 2020.

Each entry into the competition costs just £2.50 with all proceeds going to Mission EmployAble.

Winning prizes for each of the 7 categories will be selected, followed by a Best of Show

In Case You've Been Wondering...

Updated: 2nd September 2020

With commercial cinemas being allowed to re-open this weekend, you may be wondering when the village's community cinema will be re-starting too?

We are monitoring events and developments as the lockdown eases but the final decision will obviously be subject to Government guidelines and public health advice.

When we do come back, one of the first films we'll be showing is the heartwarming, original and funny, The Peanut Butter Falcon (Cert. 12). The screening in conjunction with local charity Mission EmployAble, is in support of their Cafe/Tea Room in a new Cricket Pavilion on the Common in which they'll train and employ people with learning disabilities.

Like so many other charities, Mission EmployAble's fundraising activities have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. However, they are coming up with innovative ways to raise money, including a virtual Flower Show - Mission DiggAble - in conjunction with several local Horticultural Societies which runs through till mid August. For more information please see http://www.missionemployable.co.uk/virtual-flower-show.php

Getting back to films, the free-to-view selection currently available on BBC I-Player includes On Chesil Beach, Selma, The Lady In The Van, 3:10 to Yuma, 99 Homes, The Hurt Locker, Philomena, The Blair Witch Project, Kajaki - The True Story and My Life As A Courgette. It also features a number of excellent 'classics' such as Fort Apache, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, The Magnificent Ambersons, Top Hat, King Kong and Citizen Kane.

All definitely worth seeing.

Finally a big THANK YOU! to everyone who came to one of our screenings over the past year, to the Bookshop for their ongoing support and to Ultimate Destinations for their much valued sponsorship.

Stay safe and well - we'll keep you up-to-date and hope to see you soon!

Spice Up Your Life

Spice Up Your Life will continue with monthly virtual events offering opportunity to learn about or learn to do something new in your life. We will be introducing some exciting Asian cooking ,Cheats way for the Best Canapes, Wine Tastings & Baking to name a few .Keep a look out for the next event which will be on our website soon and available to book.

Happy Holidays!

Mission EmployAble EventsTeam

Chorleywood Cricket Pavilion Plans are Approved

29th February 2020

We are delighted that at last night's Three Rivers District Council Planning meeting we received unanimous approval for our plans for a new pavilion. We would like to thank everyone who filled the public gallery again as this helped to remind the councillors that this application has a lot of support.

The months of unstinting support from our Parish Council, local councillors, local community groups such as: Chorleywood Residents Association, Friends of Chorleywood Common, the church and all those who wrote in to support the application, were crucial to gaining approval. On behalf of Chorleywood Cricket Club and Mission EmployAble, we would extend our thanks and warm appreciation for all the support we have received from these groups and wider local community.

We have much work to do with getting further approvals, finalising the building plans and raising the funds to pay for the new pavilion but gaining planning permission is a major step forward.

We will keep you updated about our progress and we have many fundraising activities planned that we would be delighted if you were able to join.

Katharine Weston
Chair, Mission EmployAble

Steve Dunning
Chair, Chorleywood CC

Three Rivers District Council discusses planning proposal for new pavilion and cafe

24th January 2020

Mission EmployAble and Chorleywood Cricket Club (CWCC) attended the planning meeting at Three Rivers District Council last evening.

Although the planning decision for the proposed re-building of the cricket pavilion on Chorleywood Common was deferred, it appeared to us that there was broad support for the proposal. There were concerns to ensure that there was no future potential for a purely commercial venture on the site and a possible solution to this problem was proposed at the meeting. If this proposed solution does address the concerns raised then a favourable outcome could be likely. We hope that his will be resolved at the February meeting.

During the meeting, the Chair stated that there was clear and widespread support in the community for the application and this undoubtedly contributed to the Councillors trying to find solutions to their concerns.

ME and CWCC would like to thank everyone for their continued support for the project and a special thank you to all those who demonstrated this support last night by filling the public gallery.

Katharine Weston
Chair, Mission EmployAble

Steve Dunning
Chair, Chorleywood CC

Exciting plans for a new cricket pavilion, cafe / tea room and community hub in Chorleywood

13th November 2019

The local charity Mission EmployAble and Chorleywood Cricket Club (CCC) have now submitted plans to Three Rivers District Council to build a stunning new cricket pavilion, cafe/tea room and training facility for young adults with learning disabilities.

The existing Chorleywood Cricket Club …

The exciting new design proposal for Chorleywood Cricket Club ...

Click here for full plans via Three Rivers Planning

If approved by the Three Rivers District Planning Committee, Parish Council and DEFRA, the Chorleywood Cricket Club would be supported by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to extend its provision to provide cricket facilities for all, including women and the disabled ...

provide a new community hub and café / tea room staffed by learning disabled adults ...

And provide benefit to parents with children, dog walkers, runners, horse riders, older people, cyclists and ramblers ...

The new facility would also support volunteering and promote social inclusion, resilience and understanding.

Mission EmployAble and CCC hope to have built the new pavilion by April 2021 with a view to it opening for the May 2021 cricket season. They are seeking the support of the community to make this ambition a reality and help raise the necessary funds.

For information about Chorleywood Cricket Club, go to: http://www.cwcricket.org/cgi-bin/main.pl

Chorleywood Village Day

13th July 2019

Volunteers from Mission EmployAble were out and about on Chorleywood Village Day staffing a joint stand and gazebo with the Chorleywood Cricket Club (CCC). They shared with the community the vision of a joint initiative to design and build a new cricket pavilion and cafe on The Common, offering employment and training opportunities for young learning disabled adults. Visitors to the stand were asked whether they supported the idea and whether they would like to be involved in any way. People were also asked to choose their favourite name for the cafe, with the most popular name being ‘Cafe on the Common’. Youngsters were asked to hit the bails off the stumps to win prizes. Some showed more skill than others but all the prizes had gone by the end of the day! It was a day of listening to the community to ensure that the vision of Mission EmployAble and CCC was the right one. The volunteers were greatly encouraged by the response which was overwhelmingly positive and encouraging.

Press Release

Issued on 7th February 2018

Chorleywood Cricket Club announces link up with Mission EmployAble to provide a new club house and community learning café.

Breaking for tea has never seemed so appealing…

Chorleywood Cricket Club has opened discussions with the Parish Council about ambitious new plans to link up with a new local charity, Mission EmployAble, to develop a new club house and community learning café. The club has recently secured planning permission for a major refurbishment and extension of the outdated clubhouse.

Steve Dunning, club Chair points out “This link up provides an excellent opportunity to provide a purpose-built, pavilion style facility that supports the development of the cricket club and also benefits the entire community”.



“Our vision is to train people with learning disabilities, to employ some and help others find work so that they can lead fulfilled lives working in and contributing to their local community.” said Katharine Weston, Chair, Mission EmployAble.

The proposed 30 seat community café would be open 7 days a week throughout the year, operated by Mission EmployAble. On week days the café will be staffed by trainees with learning difficulties supported by a dedicated training team. Visitors can expect a welcoming atmosphere, fantastic local produce and coffee and the most engaging service possible.

The concept is at a very early stage and an essential first part of the process is to engage with, and enlist the support of, the local community. This is the first of a number of planned communications over the coming months.

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