Mission DiggAble
Virtual Flower Show

CHORLEYWOOD-BASED charity Mission EmployAble, together with the horticultural societies of Chorleywood, Rickmansworth, Heronsgate and Loudwater, are calling on green-fingered residents of all ages and from the surrounding villages to take part in Mission DiggAble, a virtual flower show, to raise money for a training café staffed by young people with learning disabilities that will be housed within Chorleywood Cricket Club’s new pavilion on Chorleywood Common.

How to Enter

When you feel the time is ripe, simply upload your photographs of your fruit & veg and plant/s for assessment by the judges, using the submission form below. You may enter as many categories as you wish and as many times as you like. Entries are open from Monday 8th June 2020, with the deadline for photo submissions being Monday 31st August 2020.

Single Entry
Each single entry into the competition costs just £2.50

Donate £10 for unlimited uploads to any/all categories at any time up to the 31st August.

All proceeds going to Mission EmployAble.

The Show Gallery

Uploaded photos will be displayed in the Mission DiggAble Virtual Flower Show gallery.

View the Gallery

The Prize

Winning prizes for each of the 7 categories will be selected, followed by a Best of Show, sponsored by:



There’s a category suitable for all sizes and types of garden. Even no garden at all.

  1. Best Hanging Basket/Container/Window Box
    We are looking for lots of colour and don’t forget the greenery.
  2. Best Vegetables or Fruits
    Let's peek inside your veg/fruit garden for some mouthwatering pickings.
  3. Best Arrangement of Hand Picked Flowers
    With a focus on seasonal blooms that’ll no doubt be bursting with wild flowers and vibrant colours.
  4. Kid’s Corner (Under 11’s)
    Veg animals, jam jar flower pots, cress egg boxes, mini beastie habitats with cereal boxes are just a few ideas.
  5. Best Upcycle Project
    Pallet herb boxes, tyre planters, metal trunks, bike basket & bike, wheelbarrows, old chairs, disused bird cages, old wellies... the list is endless.
  6. Tallest Sunflower
    This brilliant project has spread across the UK, so let's see if someone in the village has the tallest. We suggest you have some form of size reference in your image such as a tape measure, or a person standing beside the sunflower. We may need to contact entrants for details in order to judge fairly.
  7. Best Drawing or Painting
    Drawings and paintings of any gardening scenes.
  8. Best of Show

Submit An Entry

Important Instructions, Privacy, Terms & Conditions
  1. Your image file type MUST be JPG (JPEG).
  2. Please make sure you have chosen the CORRECT CATEGORY for your image before clicking the submit button.
  3. If you have any difficulties, make a mistake in your submission, or would like to remove your submission, please contact us at erica@missionemployable.co.uk letting us know your full name, the name of your image file and details of the problem.
  4. On entering this competition, you are agreeing to be subscribed to the Mission EmployAble mailing list. You may unsubscribe at any point by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any email you receive from Mission EmployAble.
  5. On entering this competition you are giving your consent for your photo(s) to be displayed on the Mission EmployAble website and emails, and related external publicity.
  6. Your name and email address will be kept by Mission EmployAble, unless you unsubscribe from its mailing list, and will not be shared with any third parties.

Step 1
Fill in and submit the form below.

Step 2
You will be taken to PayPal to pay with a card or PayPal account.

Step 3
For each submission, please wait for PayPal to process your submission and take you through to the "Successful Submission" page.
Do not use your back button.

Bird Boxes


Local Landscape Gardener Claire Davies has handmade these lovely Robin and Tit Bird boxes from upcycle pallets @£17.00 each. Claire is kindly donated 20% of all sales to Mission EmployAble. To purchase one of these bird boxes, contact Claire on clairenancydavies@gmail.com.

Best Hanging Basket/Container/Window Box

Example Submission (#73)

Jo Day (#96)

Mark & Julie Dickins (#124)

Sally Weston (#132)

Alison Lowe (#149)

LAURA Hess (#157)

Tracy Dryden-Jones (#158)

Henry Clarkson (#188)

Erica Bendall (#189)

Erica Bendall (#190)

Erica Bendall (#191)

Erica Bendall (#192)

Erica Bendall (#195)

Erica Bendall (#196)

Erica Bendall (#197)

Erica Bendall (#198)

Tracy Dryden-Jones (#201)

Tracy Dryden-Jones (#204)

Simon Varnals (#230)

Debra Mason (#248)

Debra Mason (#254)

Erica Bendall (#319)

Jane Herman (#375)

Jane Herman (#376)

Jane Herman (#377)

Best Vegetables or Fruits

Example Submission (#74)

James Langford (#337)

jane davis (#364)

Best Arrangement of Hand Picked Flowers

Example Submission (#75)

Jane Taylor (#98)

Jacqui Redman (#129)

Sally Weston (#131)

Kathy Walton (#145)

Kathy Walton (#147)

Heather Morley (#168)

Heather Morley (#169)

Heather Morley (#170)

jenny bettridge (#179)

Ros Mills (#182)

Tracy Dryden-Jones (#193)

Tracy Dryden-Jones (#259)

jane davis (#263)

jane davis (#264)

jane davis (#265)

jane davis (#266)

Kid’s Corner (Under 11’s)

Example Submission (#76)

Poppy Davis (#260)

Mark Welch (#325)

Mark Welch (#327)

Harry and James Langford (#335)

Best Upcycle Project

Example Submission (#77)

Naomi Costa (#97)

carol dryden (#109)

Sally Weston (#130)

Tracy Dryden-Jones (#202)

Debra Mason (#251)

Debra Mason (#252)

Richard Harrington (#341)

Tallest Sunflower

Example Submission (#78)

Alison Lowe (#150)

jane davis (#262)

Joy Harris (#300)

Joy Harris (#301)

Joy Harris (#303)

Mark Welch (#328)

Tim Venner (#330)

Harry and James Langford (#334)

Tim Venner (#343)

Tim Venner (#360)

Best Drawing or Painting

Example Submission (#79)

Tracy Dryden-Jones (#203)

Jane Herman (#374)