Mission WoofAble
Virtual Dog Show

What better way to spend this month than taking some snaps of your pet pooch and lending a paw to support your local charity Mission EmployAble and The Chorleywood Cricket Club Pavilion Fund.

Do you think your dog is furbulous, well here is their time to shine. Enter our Virtual Dog Show to show off your dog(s) and be in with a chance of winning a fantastic hamper for Best in Show along with other great prizes for being 1st place in your Class.

How to Enter

Enter photos of your dog in as many categories as you like! If you are entering a friend or family member’s dog, please make sure that you get their permission first! To enter, click on the category you wish to enter, upload your picture, enter your details and dog’s name.

Please make sure you have read the Terms and Conditions prior to entering.

Good luck, we can’t wait to see all your lovely furbulous fur babies.

Entry Donation

Entry requires a donation of just £2.50 per upload/category. All proceeds going to Mission EmployAble .

If you'd like to make a donation towards this event without taking part, please click here.

Closing Date

Entries close at midnight on November 20th with winners announced via the website before the end of the month.

Judging & Prizes

We will be announcing 1st in class, Best in Show and the Judges Choice. To help us with these decisions we have two very knowledgeable Judges for Mission EmployAble Virtual Dog Show:

Jo Day of Jo Day Photography has spent hours studying many a happy hound, and the odd playful one, at the end of her lens and loves the challenge to get that moment when they fall in love with the camera.

We are also absolutely delighted to have local dog lover Shirlie Kemp who has judged a number of shows in the past. We are so looking forward to Shirlie's expertise and sense of fun on this occasion.


Submit An Entry

Important Instructions, Privacy and Terms & Conditions
  1. Your image file type MUST be JPG (JPEG).
  2. Please make sure you have chosen the CORRECT CATEGORY for your image before clicking the submit button.
  3. If you have any difficulties, make a mistake in your submission, or would like to remove your submission, please contact us at erica@missionemployable.co.uk letting us know your full name, the name of your image file and details of the problem.
  4. On entering this competition, you are agreeing to be subscribed to the Mission EmployAble mailing list. You may unsubscribe at any point by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any email you receive from Mission EmployAble.
  5. On entering this competition you are giving your consent for your photo(s) to be displayed on the Mission EmployAble website and emails, and related external publicity.
  6. Your name and email address will be kept by Mission EmployAble, unless you unsubscribe from its mailing list, and will not be shared with any third parties.

Step 1
Fill in and submit the form below.

Step 2
You will be taken to donate with a card or PayPal account.

The Gallery

Mission WoofAble Categories:

  1. Best Friends
  2. Playful Puppy (6 months and under)
  3. Doggy Diva
  4. Love to Dress Up
  5. Grumpy Grown-Up
  6. Most Loved Rescue<
  7. Handsome Hound

Best Friends

Gemma Cattell & Echo and Haka (#14)

Emma Tricker & Aramis (#28)

Martin Day & Billy (#42)

Martin Day & Billy (#43)

Tanja Fidan & Wilma (#44)

gregory Weston & Mango (#47)

Katharine Weston & Mango and Buzz (#48)

Astrid Weston & Bramble (#50)

Sue Munro & Rory (#57)

Sue Wiggins & George and Lulu (#59)

Simon Heald & Jemima and Jago (#62)

Louise Caraher & Bean & Toffee (#67)

Janice Hext & Archie (#68)

Harry and James Langford & Millie (#69)

Playful Puppy

Jo Davies & Harvey (#15)

erica bendall & Haka (#23)

Tim Harris & Winnie (#26)

Abbie Turnbull & Archie (#61)

Doggy Diva

Roger Cattell & Ayra (#7)

Ann Garner & Snoop Dog Yoda (#32)

Alice Langford & Millie (#37)

Carol Dryden & Beaulina (#38)

Patricia Collins & Pixi (#46)

Katharine Weston & Mango- nobody laughs at me (#49)

Love to Dress Up

Jo Day & Casper (#16)

Ann Garner & Yoda (#31)

Ann Garner & Yoda (#34)

Garfield Weston & Mango - both sides of the law (#52)

garfield Weston & Mango - both sides of the law (#53)

Sally Weston & Mango - a night on the town (#54)

Gulliver Weston & Mango goes punk (#55)

George Weston & Halloween Mango (#56)

Grumpy Grown-Up

Paolo Bryan & Oscar (#19)

Erica Bendall & Benz (#24)

Ann Garner & Yoda is Yoda (#36)

Carol Dryden & Sir Louis ‘Waffle’ (#39)

Sue Wiggins & Ruby (#60)

Most Loved Rescue

Petra & Keeper (#17)

Simon Heald & Jago (#65)

Louise Caraher & Bean (#66)

Handsome Hound

Erica Bendall & Benz (#6)

erica bendall & Haka (#21)

Emma Tricker & Aramis (#29)

Ann Garner & Yoda (#33)

Ann Garner & Yoda (#35)

Wendi Lowe & Pickle (#41)

Martin Day & Billy (#45)

Naomi Costa & Hudson (#51)

Sue Munro & Rory (#58)

Simon Heald & Jago (#64)

"I often wonder what my dog named me"

Main photo courtesy of jo@jodayphotography.co.uk